The success of any major transmission project is dependent not just on its technical design and delivery, but also on how effectively it engages with and addresses the concerns of the communities it affects.

The Community Reference Group (CRG) for the VNI West Project will be one engagement mechanism to provide communities with an opportunity to work collaboratively on the project.

The CRG, together with Transmission Company Victoria (TCV) will develop a shared understanding about the project, including discussing community concerns and opportunities to address potential impacts.

The CRG currently has 17 community members representing a broad range of locations across the draft corridor.

The following is a list of the CRG members who have agreed to share their names and where they live:

  • Andrew Borg, Redbank
  • Barry Batters, Sutherland
  • Brad McDonald, St Arnaud
  • Bryan Pederson, Teddywaddy West
  • Colin Coates, St Arnaud
  • Daniel Bryce, Traynors Lagoon
  • Daryl Warren, Donald
  • Glenda Watts, Charlton
  • Glenden Watts, Yeungroon
  • John Wright, Terrappee
  • Jon Whykes, Jeffcott
  • Marcia McIntyre, Kanya
  • Max Fehring, Kerang
  • Miles Parry, Barraport West
  • Rachel Lloyd, Charlton
  • Vaughan Toose, Boort

If you have something you would like the CRG to raise with TCV, please get in contact through the CRG Chair David Hale at CRGchair@rmcg.com.au.

There are three remaining spots open on the CRG and we encourage interested community members to apply through the link below.

Apply to join the CRG