VNI West - October Information Session webinar

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Community Reference Group

TCV is seeking expressions of interest from community members to join a Community Reference Group (CRG) for VNI West.

The CRG will provide a forum for community members to collaborate with the VNI West project team through the planning and approvals process for this essential infrastructure project.

The CRG will assist the project team by:

  • Providing local perspectives
  • Providing feedback and input as the project progresses
  • Raising questions and concerns on behalf of the community
  • Identifying opportunities for community benefits sharing

We are seeking expressions of interest from residents in the Local Government Areas of Buloke, Gannawarra, Loddon, Northern Grampians and Pyrenees.

It is expected the CRG will meet every two months and meetings may take place in person or online.

A maximum of 20 people will be appointed to the CRG.

We're looking for people who live in the local council areas that may host VNI West, who are active members of their communities and keen to constructively contribute to the discussion about this project.

Submit your expression of interest

Please use this form to submit your application. Alternatively, you can call us on 1800 824 221 and we can complete the form on your behalf.

Interactive Map

TCV would like to thank all those who provided comments on our interactive map. We received a total of 2326 comments from 201 participants.

The comments have identified numerous constraints, which are being taken into consideration in the route refinement process. Examples include:

  • Areas prone to flooding
  • Habitats for endangered species
  • Areas of remnant vegetation
  • Existing and planned infrastructure
  • Sites of Aboriginal significance
  • Important agricultural considerations and areas of irrigation

The constraints identified by community members have provided valuable local insights to support the work underway to determine the most suitable location for transmission infrastructure. We are closing the map to further comment as we consolidate the findings along with engineering, environmental and other studies underway to refine the corridor. A draft corridor of approximately 2km will be finalised soon and details shared publicly. Please see the recent Project Update for more information on the process underway and next steps.

The interactive map closed at 5pm on Wednesday 2 August. Comments provided by community members will remain available for public view.

If you have further feedback or questions please contact TCV at enquiries@transmissionvictoria.com.au or on 1800 824 221

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Information for landholders and next steps

To alleviate uncertainty for landholders, TCV has moved from a broad area of interest to a draft corridor that is approximately 2km wide. Our land team will endeavour to contact landholders before the draft corridor is released. This timetable will provide more certainty for landholders and allow TCV to engage directly with them to have conversations about issues such as land access, compensation and benefits.

Communities in the area of VNI West will also have opportunity to benefit through a regional benefit sharing scheme. As each community is different, the opportunities will be appropriately tailored, in consultation with the local councils and community members, to ensure the regional benefits are meaningful and enduring.


Acknowledging community challenges and concerns

We understand the prospect of new transmission may cause significant stress for some community members and landholders, particularly during the early stages of the project due to the level of uncertainty. We encourage anyone experiencing challenges to their own, a friend or a family member’s mental health and wellbeing to seek professional support.

The project team has engaged a professional health and well-being support service to provide mental health support. Members of the community can contact the Community Support Service to make an appointment to speak to a professional counsellor for free and confidential advice. Please call 1300 687 327.

We encourage anyone experiencing challenges to their own, a friend or a family member’s mental health and wellbeing to contact one of the independent support providers listed below for free and confidential advice.