Murrabit Landholder and Community Roundtable Summary March 2024

On 27 March 2024, TCV (Transmission Company Victoria) held a roundtable with landholders and community members in Murrabit. The meeting was in response to requests from local landholders for a group meeting and provided an opportunity to hear directly from those in the local area. This document provides an overview of the key themes raised by attendees and TCV’s response.

View Murrabit Landholder and Community Meeting: Conversation Capture

Tragowel Community Roundtable Summary February 2024

On 27 February 2024, TCV held a community roundtable with landholders and community members in Tragowel. This document provides an overview of the key themes raised by attendees and TCV’s response.

View Tragowel Community Roundtable: Conversation capture

Community Events Summary October 2023

Between 10 and 19 October 2023 TCV held six community information sessions including a webinar, attended by close to 500 people.

The purpose of this report is to provide a summary of the outcomes of this engagement and respond to common items of community concern.

Download Community Events Summary October 2023

Draft Corridor for VNI West Report

Transmission Company Victoria (TCV) has released the draft corridor for the Victorian component of the VNI West transmission line project.

TCV has narrowed the area of interest for the proposed transmission line to width of about 2km. The area under consideration was previously up to 50km wide. The narrowing reflects input and feedback from consultation with landholders, community members, Traditional Owners along with technical assessments.

Landholders will be able to see where their property is in relation to the draft corridor by entering their property details into a new interactive map available on the TCV website.

Interactive Map Summary August 2023

An interactive map was open for public comment between 27 May to 2 August 2023 (9.5 weeks). Participants were able to submit comments for consideration through this online tool or call the project team to add comments.

A total of 4,009 stakeholders and community members visited the map. Of these, 201 users provided a total of 2326 comments. The interactive map was promoted through project updates, social media, newspapers and in person at community events.

Download Interactive Map Summary August 2023

Community Events Summary July 2023

TCV facilitated a total of five community events in July 2023, attended by a total of 393 landholders and community members.

Download Community Events Summary July 2023

Environmental Constraints Summary Report

To provide some insight into the work under way to refine the route for VNI West, we are sharing a series of maps and analysis, which illustrate the important areas of land use across the broad area of interest for VNI West.

Developed by engineering and environmental consultant, AECOM, the Environmental Constraints Summary Report identifies important areas and features in six distinct categories including, agriculture, ecological values, Aboriginal cultural heritage, flooding, land use & infrastructure and engineering.

The report brings together data from detailed desktop analysis, expert workshops, along with information gathered from community and stakeholder discussions undertaken by TCV in recent months.

The report includes maps and commentary on important features that will likely influence the location of the transmission lines as well as areas that are avoided where possible.

Download Environmental Constraints Summary Report

Regulatory Investment Test for Transmission (RIT-T)

The VNI West project was assessed in its early stages via a Regulatory Investment Test for Transmission (RIT-T). The RIT-T is an economic cost-benefit test; it is like a business case conducted early on in a transmission project, to determine if it will deliver economic benefits.

Please find links to some key reports from the RIT-T process below.