Have a question about the VNI West Project? Get in touch via our dedicated stakeholder and media enquiry contacts

Make an enquiry or a complaint

For all enquiries relating to the VNI West project, please contact 1800 824 221 or email enquiries@transmissionvictoria.com.au

TCV regional office

The TCV regional office will open 12pm to 4:30pm on Tuesdays and 9am to 1pm on Wednesdays.

The office is located at Shop 15, 47 Victoria Street, Patchell Plaza, Kerang.

The office will also open by appointment for landholders within the 2km draft corridor.

You can also visit the TCV Website www.transmissionvictoria.com.au to learn more about the project.

For all enquiries outside of Australia, please call +61 3 9609 8000.

For media enquiries only, please contact:

M: 0409 382 121

E: media@aemo.com.au

For complaints, please view:

Complaints policy

Need help contacting TCV?

If you need an interpreter, please call 13 12 50 and reference Transmission Company Victoria.

If you are deaf and/or find hearing or speaking with people on the phone difficult, please contact the National Relay Service on voice relay number 1300 555 727, TTY number 133 677 or SMS relay number 0423 677 767.