The flow of electrical energy through the transmission lines does not affect GPS signals. GPS systems can generally operate within the easement. There can be a small effect on GPS signals if you are under or right alongside a tower, which is referred to as multipathing and associated with being too close to a steel structure such as a tower or shed. The effect is only noticeable within about 3m of the metal object. If remapping of GPS is required, TCV will cover this cost.

Drones may be allowed within overhead transmission easements, but only with a safety assessment and permission from the TNSP.

The use of machinery over 5m in height will require a permit from the TNSP. The operator will have their own permitting process; however, as a guide, in Victoria currently, it will take 10 business days to complete a safety assessment or permit application once a simple form is submitted via email, according to Ausnet as the TNSP that owns and maintains Victorian transmission line infrastructure. There is no permit cost.

There are many farming activities which can take place in a transmission line easement.

Across Victoria, farming and agriculture have co-existed for many years, with over 6,500 kilometres of transmission lines already in place.

TCV will work closely with farmers in the draft corridor for the VNI West project to find the best location for the transmission line - with the least impact on the day-to-day farm operations and productivity.

Machinery up to 5m high will be able to operate under the new VNI West transmission lines, and taller machinery up to 8.6m may also be used subject to a safety assessment. A safety assessment may determine whether a spotter will be required for vehicles and equipment, Energy Safe Victoria has more information on the use of spotters. Some activities are subject to height restrictions, or prohibited for safety reasons (such as gun irrigation and aerial spraying).

For information on farming with transmission, along with details about the conditions for machinery use and farming activities, please access our Farming with Transmission Fact Sheet.